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2013-03-11 11:56 pm
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Permissions (OOC)

Permissions for playing with Insano:

I'm open to most plots and all characters interacting so throw any randomness at me and most often I'll be up for it. Anything more extreme (killing, etc) that you're unsure about feel free to PM me to check first.

Permissions for others:

Dr Insano may recognize certain characters from - in particular - videogames, movies and comics. Unless given permission from you, the player, here he won't recognize your character as I know breaking the 4th wall isn't something everybody likes. When no permission is given, he may simply find the character familiar but it'll then be vague and he won't know names.

His style also may be annoying to some so you may not even want to deal with him.

So please answer these couple of questions. Thank you!

1. Is it OK if Insano answers your posts?

2. Can Dr Insano recognize your character and comment accordingly?
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2013-03-11 10:20 pm


Hello, hello. You've reached Doctor Insano and unless your enquiry is about SCIENCE I'm probably just going to ignore your message and get back to ruling the world!

.... Ahem.

Or just leave a message and I will get back to you when I'm not doing something more important.


[Note: All the capabilities of the technology of Crystalden's devices can turn up in the replies.]